Saturday, July 4, 2020

Indian Heroes Calendar

Indian history is one of the richest and oldest history in the whole world. There are stories in every state and every region of this country. There are names whose life can provide so much of inspirations but are hardly known or forgotten in the layers of the history. We hardly know enough about people who helped shape India even in the last two centuries, except few popular names. Some of these names, we do study in schools. But we do not study them as stories, we study them as syllabus for exams. Once the exams are over and as we grow up and get busy with life, we hardly remember these stories.

What if these names are introduced again as small stories, will they create genuine interest?

What if the stories are shared throughout the year, rather than bombarding all information at once?

With this thought, the concept of Indian Heroes Calendar (IHC) was launched. It becomes easier to remember a name associated with a date. IHC is a calendar where heroes are introduced on their birth anniversaries. For now, the focus is on last couple of centuries. This will be expanded in coming years. The purpose is to provide an interesting and encouraging introduction about each hero. Once readers get to know about the hero, they can explore them in greater details through various books and other resources.

There are subconscious advantages also of knowing these stories. They make us better aware of the historical importance of our places and surroundings. Stories connect places to people. While crossing the Ganesh Khind Road in Pune may suddenly remind you of Chapekar brothers. The mention of IIM Ahmedabad may remind you the story of Vikram Sarabhai. Sound of fighter jets may remind us the story of Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon.

While the information will be shared on social accounts on the birth anniversaries, there is a plan to publish monthly booklets as well that will include collection of stories of heroes born in the given month. These heroes are from different fields, including but not limited to, revolutionaries, freedom fighters, statesmen, scientists, armed forces, and arts.

Let us join the mission to know our heroes.

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